Chris Dennis and Demarcus Cousins

24 Sentences are back! This time, with the living legend Chris Dennis aka C-Denn. Chris Dennis is a mentor and community leader. He has been instrumental in helping youth reach their full athletic and mental potential. He’s an Akron Ohio native who loves where he is from and is always willing to help others. Check his 24 Sentences out below! 

1.) Whats up, my Name is CHRIS R. DENNIS aka C-Denn.
2.) I am from AKRON, OHIO with strong Bay Area (Oakland/San Francisco/Richmond) ties.
3.) I love when my guys post Instagram group photos showing brotherhood or photos of their families .
4.) I hate when Oppression is not acknowledged.
5.) If you know me, you know that I am keeping them glasses on.

6.) When I was younger I was influenced most by Muhammad Ali and my grandparents.
7.) I would never put my sons second
8.) When I walk in a room, the perfect song to play is "Go DJ" by KAYTRANADA-- New School  or "Papa Don't Take No Mess" JAMES BROWN-- Old School.
9.) The hardest part about my career is unpredictable consequences both positive and negative.
10.) I wear a lot of old clothes, fashion game wack.
11.) My favorite spot to eat in my hometown is Luigi's.
12.) My favorite place in the world is Los Angeles.
13.) Success is when you see others you have supported making a difference in the world.
14.) REAL MENTORING makes the world go 'round.
15.) In high school, I was laying the foundation for success.
16.) I am in my zone when it is all on me.
17.) My first car was AMC Gremlin (Google it).
18.) Rule #1 is Put what is best for the client first.
19.)"If I could describe myself in 3 words, they would be... LOVE MY FAMILY.
20.) In 2019 I learned GETTING OLD IS A TREASURE.

21.) 5 years from now I see myself working for one of my sons.
22.) I am motivated by phone calls (not text messages) from people who care.
23. 24 Karat Posse is LARRY SPEAR my boy! 
24.) I appreciate life because it is a journey and opportunity to leave legacy by doing the right thing.


  • Rachell Berry said:

    Wondefully said 💙 Keep doing what you are doing. God will make room for your very special gift

    April 03, 2022

  • Clyde Weems said:

    I loved the format a great read.

    April 03, 2022

  • Roslyn Clark said:

    Way to go cousin! Continue moving forward 💪🏾

    April 03, 2022

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