Check out our interview on the Live Your Purpose Podcast. Major shout out to John Morgan and LYP.


From LYP:
"After a few weeks off we came back with a good one. Kaylon Alexander is 1/2 of the creative unit that is 24 Karat Posse alongside his partner Larry.
I met Kaylon 5-6 years ago when we worked together at the Boys & Girls Club and even then I recognized this young king was ahead of his time and was very wise and talented.
He spoke to us about pivoting from a dream as an athlete as a youngster, being inspired by movements such as Roc-A-Fella and others. He also touched on the steps he took to build his confidence that continue to serve him today.
It’s always refreshing to build and converse with the young homies who ultimately leave me feeling inspired. Enjoy the episode. YouTube Clips available on the Live Your Purpose Podcast YouTube channel
🌱 x 🏪"

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