To Be the Flyest, You Have to be Ethical

At the beginning of 2019 - right before the LS Roll the Dice tees dropped - we set a sustainability goal for our brand for the year. We set a goal for 80% of our products to be manufactured in the US by workers who make a living wage. At the moment, we're achieving that goal. Part of our mission is to be the flyest company in the world and to be the flyest, we believe, you have to be ethical. You have to be honorable, honest, treat people with respect, and only sell products you yourself would use. That's exactly what we are doing. Since May, every item we've released has been made in Los Angeles California and Akron Ohio, only touched by workers who make at least $15 an hour, and constructed with fabrics made in the USA., reducing our carbon footprint.

Our choice to push towards more sustainable clothing has led to a much better customer experience (the product quality is better and they last way longer). More importantly, it has allowed us to be more of an asset to the environment and less of a liability. If you own an apparel brand (or any other type of company) and you're reading this, we challenge you to take a few steps towards sustainability. If you're a consumer, we challenge you to learn more about sustainability and the impact of supporting ethical brands.


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