About Us

Kaylon and Larry 24 Karat Posse

Our Purpose

24 Karat Posse was established in 2013 with the intention to create apparel and accessories that embodies and inspires the ideas of being authentic and always striving for first place. As a result, each product is designed with originality and quality in mind. 24 Karat Posse takes no shortcuts in providing the flyest items and the best experience possible for the customer.

How It Started

Kaylon Alexander and Larry Spear began creating and selling apparel in 2013 while they were still in high school. Growing up as close friends, they were always passionate about style and youth culture. They always valued creativity, originality, and had winning mentalities. In 2013, they started 24 Karat Posse to promote and channel these ideas/characteristics. They soon found that there was a market for it, and fell in love with the process of creating and taking an item from concept to production to selling. The passion that they have and the feeling that they get from providing people with products that they believe in and are timeless, is unmatched.